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Screentest lists active projects and roles in its Casting Call. Browse this as much as you like at no charge. You'll find a number of exciting roles and will need to create a profile to submit yourself for these roles. In order to create a profile that can be submitted to casting directors, you must create a username and password. Creating the profile is free and includes one free picture. You may optionally add additional photos as well as videos.

In order to submit your profile to be considered for roles you are interested in, you will need to choose either a monthly or annual subscription. Monthly subscribers are charged $5.00 per month, annual subscribers are charged $48.00 for 1 year. Both the monthly and annual subscriptions let you submit to an unlimited number of roles. Monthly subscriptions are cancelable at any time. is a secure site for credit cards. You will receive an email confirmation that you have applied for the roles. When a casting director decides whether to have you audition, you'll be notified by email. Good luck and keep checking for new roles.

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