WELCOME, CASTING DIRECTOR gives you easy access to a wide variety of experienced and aspiring talent. It's simple - you fill out the project information, synopsis, and description for each role. That exact information appears in the Casting Call. You may edit it at any time. You control when the listing is shown or taken down.

Applicants submit their profiles to you and you can see the actors in thumbnail photos, arranged for your convenience. You can choose to look at their profiles and sort them into yes, no, and maybe categories. You can also email a prewritten letter to each requesting they contact you to set up an audition, or thanking them for applying.

To maintain the highest quality service on, we permit you to only list funded projects. In order to be authorized to create role listings, please fill out the form to set up your account. For security it will be emailed to us for activation and we will contact you when it is live.