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Untitled Pitch Show

television series
Untitled Pitch Show
Steve Young
Larry Meistrich, Ari Friedman, Scott Valentine, Dakota Forgione
Nehst Creations
Nehst/Excelsior to air on POP TV Channel
Jodi Collins
New York, New Jersey
Larry Meistrich
Short Description

Aspiring artists aiming for a break in showbiz pitch to a panel of industry vets and investors who can greenlight their project with a twist. The twist comes in the form of an ability to overrule the panelists pass through use of social media.


Aspiring artists from the film, tv, theater, music and web do it yourself industries pitch to a panel of industry veterans, experts and investors. All forms of content are accepted, narrative, documentary, series etc. All genres are accepted as well. The show will air initially on POP TV with the pitches filmed separately and aired online. If the panelists pass, the pitcher will have the ability to overrule the pass through an accumulation of views, likes and comments on social media.

Project Pitcher
Any Gender, 18-80, Any Ethnicity, 20 slots
television series